Where Do These Measurements Come from?

Today almost all women try to lose a few kilograms. But to tell the truth, every woman in the world wants to look like a top model. If they could only dream about a fantastic figure, it was ok. Unfortunately some of them try to achieve this, and sometimes it becomes a big problem. Usually, top models have parameters 90-60-90. There are several versions of the beginning of these, but the real reason is laziness. These numbers were chosen by designers because this is easier to make clothes only for one little size. It happened in the middle of XX century, when mannequins began to demonstrate the clothes.
So thinness became fashionable. A woman spends on diets about 10 years of her life. But according to statistics, only 10% of men prefer thin women. Losing weight the woman notices that she likes herself, her man like her, and not only he. But psychologists say that men like women’s confidence and not lost weight. Sometimes a woman wants to lose weight to be better than her friends. Firstly a diet unites women, but if one of them is more successful, other start to envy her. Also the woman wants to be like actresses or young singers.
In addition to this, it is a fact that woman has hard time losing weight. For example, due to unbalanced diet a woman suffers from depressions. A lack of glucose disturbs the thought processes. Moreover long diets reduce the level of estrogen-the hormone of attractiveness. Often, losing weight women cannot stop. According to Wikipedia (2012) “The thinner one gets, the fatter they think they are. ”(para. 2). Later, it becomes a terrible disease “Anorexia nervosa”. “Anorexia nervosa” often occurs with young girls. They have this illness because of their paranoia.

They want to have it themselves and cannot stop. Macrae (2007) claims that “Dr. Mann’s research showed that up to two-thirds of dieters put on all the weight they lose-and moreover a four to five-year period. ”(para. 12). Unfortunately, the most of girls already do not have so much time. They die, and nothing can save their lives. In conclusion, I want to add that every second woman returns to her previous weight, and every third woman even gets more. Therefore, it is better for girls not to torment themselves with diets trying to suit the generally accepted standards.


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