Who Influences Me

19 Who Has an Influence on My Life Throughout life there are many people who influence you. Your family, friends, teachers, coaches, and even people who see you only once in your lifetime could influence you. Each person, as they grow up, changes either for better or even for worse from the impact of others. I am lucky to have to close relatives as my greatest influences in life because they change me for the better every day. The biggest influences in my life have been my grandparents and my mother. My grandmother has influenced my life greatly.
She is always there when I need her and has helped shape me to the person I am today. My future has been influenced extremely by my grandma because she works as a nurse at a hospital in Sandusky. I was practically raised by my grandmother and since I have always been so close to her, I have decided to follow in her footsteps and create a career path for myself in the medical field. All the time she tells me stories about the hospital and the people she meets and is able to help. I would really like to be able to meet new people and help them as well and at the same time make my grandmother proud.
Aside from all her outstanding and tedious work in the hospital, she also finds the time to make it to everyone of my sporting events. When I was just starting out in sports, I wanted to quit swimming because I was having such a hard time with it. However, my grandma told me to not give up and to push on. She has made a significant impact on my life. Another large influence in my life is my grandpa. From a very young age, he was my rock. He was the one that taught me to fish, to ride my bike, and even how to hula hoop.

He not only is a great grandpa, but also he is a dedicated and extremely hard worker. Everyone could count on him to help them out in whatever they needed. I remember him always taking me with him when he used to go to people’s houses to either fix their heater or lawn mower or even fix their car. Currently, he fixes lawn mowers, weed eaters, or any other mechanical device that needed tuned up. He receives numerous calls from neighbors, friends, and even sometimes strangers because he gets the job done for little, or most of the time, no cost at all.
He is a great person who puts everyone before himself. He has made a great deal of influence on me with the fact that I love to fix things and work on cars too. I will never forget the time we fixed up his old Jeep Wrangler together from complete scratch and put it all back together. Without him, I would be a total different person. Last but not least, my mother has impacted my life. It’s obvious that most mothers would naturally have a huge influence on their child’s lives, but my mom went beyond the normal.
For example, around thirteen years old, my parents got a divorce. However, a long time before that they had many issues and arguments constantly. My mom knew that the marriage was over and probably was best to just end it, but instead she stayed in it for my sake. She influenced me by showing me sometimes you have to be selfless and put the ones you love before your own self. She ultimately sacrificed her happiness for my own. She has taught me that no matter what, you have to be strong and never give up.
My mother not only taught me to be strong, she also taught me to always be the best person I can be and to give one hundred percent effort in everything I do. I learned that just getting by or taking the easy route isn’t okay and when things get tough I can’t just fold or fall down, I need to stand up and push through it. In conclusion, my grandparents and mother have made the biggest influences on my life. Without these three amazing human beings I wouldn’t be who I am today. They have instilled many valuable life lessons and created many of my current morals and for that I am eternally grateful.


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