Why Do You Wish to Participate in the Dss Leader Ship Program?

Why do you wish to participate in the DSS Leader Ship program? I wish to participate in the DSS Leader Ship program to strengthen my leadership skills, to gain knowledge and skills in order to advance to a higher position within DaVita. The skills I will learn will allow me to encourage higher education and advancement in my teammates. In this essay, I will describe my interests, expectations, and goals to participate in this leadership program. First, I believe this program is an excellent opportunity to strengthen my leadership skills.
The skills learned in this program will be used and applied in everyday job operations. Also, I hunger to learn how to lead my team according to DaVita’s Core Values; Integrity, Fun, Service Excellence, Accountability, Team, Continuous Improvement and Fulfillment. The skills obtained will also help me to carry out my job more proficiently and confidently. Being a good leader and role model is very important to me and I am very motivated to gain any skills that will assist in achieving those qualities. Secondly, the knowledge and skills gained in this program will assist me in advancement within DaVita.
Currently, I work with a group of professionals which include the Medical Director, Facility Administrator, Nurses, Social Worker and Dietitian, together we are the Interdisciplinary Team, taking a holistic approach in assessing, evaluating, and implementing care for our patients. According to (http://medical-dictionary. thefreedictionary. com/_dict. aspx, 2011) Interdisciplinary Team means a group of health care professionals from diverse fields who work in a coordinated fashion toward a common goal for the patient.

As one of the Interdisciplinary Team Members, I believe this program will broaden my critical thinking and problem solving skills to help me bring more to the Team for the benefit of our patients. In this ever changing field, I have a thirst for knowledge and feel the need to be challenged. In my opinion, obtaining knowledge and learning new things should always be on a continuous basis with this ever-changing world, and economy, as well as meeting the needs of my patients and teammates. Thirdly, encouraging higher education and advancement in my teammates is also a priority.
I am a firm believer that education within a company means longevity. The goal of being a good leader entails encouraging others to exceed boundaries for success. My affirmation is leading by example. In addition, being a role model to my teammates is exemplified by my interest in this program. In conclusion, strengthening my leader ship skills, gaining skills and knowledge, and encouraging higher education amongst my teammates; are some of the major reasons I wish to participate in this program.
I believe my role on the Interdisciplinary Team can also be enhanced by my participation in this program by broadening my critical thinking and problem solving skills. I feel this will be a great opportunity for me and my teammates to be accepted into this program to learn how to become a strong leader by using the DaVita’s Core Values; Integrity, Fun, Service Excellence, Accountability, Team, Continuous Improvement, and Fulfillment. Reference: (http://medical-dictionary. thefreedictionary. com/_dict. aspx, 2011)


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