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Having a better understanding of the Gospels allows for a deeper, more personal connection with Jesus and God. I have always tried to put others before me, sometimes to the point of my own detriment. I am very much aware of what I do and how I present myself to the world. I learned early on that sometimes we are the only Bible that people get access to. My wife thinks I care too much about how others perceive me. I am still growing in my faith and walk with Jesus. By remembering that God will always forgive a truly repentant heart, I can pick myself back up, with God’s help, and learn from the mistake and move on. By doing this, I am showing others the loving mercy of God. We are chosen by God for a reason. He has a great plan for us that includes work on His behalf. We are His ambassadors and what we do and how we act reflects God. God is sending us out into the world to help Him to reconcile it to Himself. Jesus says that whosoever loses his life for His sake shall gain it and whosoever wants to keep his life will lose it. We are called to a life of service. God says He will take care of our needs so we can be free to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters as well as the world. 


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