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This need to be written in IRAC method
The Walters, a young professional African American couple looking to buy their first house, saw a house for sale in a predominantly white neighborhood in Gary, IN. They contacted Carolyn McNeely, the realtor with whom it was listed. After showing the Walters the house, McNeely urged them not to make up their minds until she had shown them other properties in neighborhoods where they would be “more comfortable” and “fit in better.” She then showed them houses in the same price range, but in predominantly black neighborhoods.  When the Walters told McNeely that they intended to make an offer on the house they were originally interested in, McNeely informed them the owner had taken it off the market and was no longer interested in selling it. 
Do the Walters have a cause of action against McNeely under (A) the federal Fair Housing Act, or (B) other state civil rights laws? Has the owner of the home violated any laws if he refused to sell his home?
Remember, you are taking the discussion portion of your objective memorandum and reformulating it into persuasive format. Take a position and rewrite the issues and make them assertions.
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