Young People Have More Want Than Needs. What Are Your View?

Young People Have More Wants than Needs. What do you think? This materialistic world produces enormous amount of goods and services to satiate our wants more than our needs. The attitude of satisfying one’s wants has almost always preceded one’s needs. This new wave of attitude is especially obvious in young people who have endless desires to have what they want instead of what they actually need. Consequently, nowadays, we have often heard the phrase “I want” and rarely get to hear “I need” from young people.
This is especially evident in the things young people are seeking today. No doubt, good education is part of it and it is indeed necessary. However, some have become so obsessed with achieving better grades that they are willing to spend a fortune on getting additional help beyond their school for the sake of beating their classmates in academic results. Wanting to achieve their objectives, some have hired a few personal tutors to help them out. Instead of relying and making good use of what is already provided to them, such ones have taken things for granted.
They do not see that their needs have actually been fulfilled but focus too much on their wants, which is getting better results to perhaps outshine their peers. Regrettably, this kind of obsession would mean that their parents’ hard-earned money is spent wastefully or even unwisely. For what, for satisfying their wants when their needs have actually been met. Additionally, the pursuit of keeping up to date with fashion is all too common in young people.

These things are not bad in themselves but to maintain one’s closet with the latest fashion means that young ones may often spend beyond their means simply for the purpose of satisfying their wants. Even for those without the means to possess the latest, they may even try to get what they want through illegal channel such as doing part time as escorts. Sadly, this has been happening in recent years. Apparently, the trend has taken root because young people often fail to differentiate clearly their wants from their needs.
Not to be overlooked is the desire to pace up with the epoch of technology in terms of mobile phones. Gone are the days of owning a phone just to make calls and sending short text messages. Our generation has become extremely sophisticated with the advancement in technology. Unfortunately, we have been witnessing the massive production of smart phones that keeps flooding the market with infinite choices and temptations to have to own one. Ironically, we are seeing young people wning the latest smart phones more than adults who are supposed to be the more likely group of people to own these things. So the question is how on earth do our young people get the financial means to purchase these gadgets? Apparently, their main sponsors are their parents. As a matter of fact, quite a large number of young people are often seen pestering their parents to buy them or equip them with the latest products. This has also evidenced itself when parents are being demanded to trade good examination results in return for getting what their children want.
To make matters worse, young people sometimes threaten their parents, who may not be wealthy enough, to buy the latest smart phones for them. To sum it all up, I must say that young people have more wants than needs. If only they could exercise a little more of their thinking ability, they would definitely be able to discern for themselves that wants will always be endless but needs are very few and necessary but the latter must precede the former.


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